Private Boat Handling & Safety Instruction On Board

Learn how to safely and comfortably handle your boat ON YOUR BOAT !

You could travel to and attend one of the many schools to receive basic training. Some are held on board a boat along with 10 or 12 other students or in a class room with 15 or 20 other students.

Traveling is expensive and time consuming. You’re vying for the instructor’s attention and your turn at the wheel. Sometimes you’re waiting for some to catch on so the group can move on. Other times you’re racing to keep up. You get the picture.

What if your boat (or intended boat) is larger than about 30 feet?

What if your vision involves something more intensive than the comfort of someone else’s boat or a class room?

Imagine spending that time learning to sail your boat in your waters…
Imagine spending that money on a more personalized approach to learning seamanship…

Echo Yacht Deliveries’ personalized School of Seamanship travels to you!

You receive private instruction aboard your boat in your waters!

Echo’s clients fall into several categories:

  1. New Boat Owner. Planning a lifestyle change? Want to buy a boat and retire but don’t have the experience? Our Captains will work with you and your insurance company (if necessary) to enable you and your mate to comfortably accomplish your goals.
  2. Coastal/Offshore cruising. Learn what you need to know about weather planning, navigation, crossing bars, entering foreign harbors, communications, and diesel maintenance. You and your crew will build confidence quickly.
  3. Docking. Let’s face it: docking is the most stressful part of operating a boat for most people. Spend a couple days with one of our Captains and you will learn tips and tricks that few recreational boaters know – even after a lifetime of experience.
  4. “Spouse.” The mate of an avid boater may want to know what to do in case the captain becomes suddenly incapacitated. The benefit is that both participants have more fun as both become partners, not just skipper/mate.

Whether you are novice or advanced (even Tiger Woods has a coach), have the Echo Team help you close learning gaps.

Everyone gets into boating to spend more “Quality Time” with their family. Too often that becomes “Bad Quality” because you do not know how to handle your boat.

Our Captains are U.S.C.G. Licensed Masters with many years of experience in teaching and delivery. They are patient and understanding and know that there is a big difference between knowing how to run a boat and teaching someone else to do so. Whether it’s docking, maneuvering, or running your boat or basic safety and seamanship, our Captains have done it all from Maine to Key West, Florida and across the oceans on boats from 15ft. to 150ft.

Learn how to properly tie-up, do a pre-cruise inspection of your boat, read charts, use the latest electronics, and all of the other skills that you just can’t learn from the books, videos and class- rooms!

Call or e-mail us today to discuss our programs and how affordable safety can be!

Topics May Include:

  • Approaching a dock in heavy side wind
  • Proper anchoring techniques
  • Crew training
  • Use of spring lines to move heavy boat
  • Single handed docking
  • What to do when you are pressed against a dock by wind/current
  • Electronics: depth finder, radar, chart plotters, electronic charts

Docking – twins and singles
Learn tips and tricks for successfully handling single and twin screws in a variety of docking situations. Also the proper use of springlines and thrusters.

Diesel Maintenance
An in-depth presentation that demystifies basic diesel components and operational principles. Also included are tips for assuring your diesel gets thousands of hours of trouble free operation. Easy to follow organization equips boat owners with the confidence to tackle routine maintenance.

Techniques for “Docking” are demonstrated hands on which including springlines, backing into a berth, back and fill, and wind/current management strategies. All done on your own boat so that you will have a practical understanding of your boat at your marina or boat ramp.