Who We Are

Echo Yacht Delivery is an agency of Captains with varying skills and licenses. We do deliveries primarily in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Founded fourteen years ago, Echo Yacht Delivery Captains have delivered thousands of sail and powerboats traveling more than a million nautical miles.

Some of the Captains

Captain Tony, from Tortola, one of Echo’s busiest captains, has crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific on sailboats more than a few times.

Captain John from Florida specializes in powerboats, has covered over 200,000 miles, and has his pilot’s license as well.


Each Captain has a crew that is experienced, reliable, and has learned to work alongside their respective Captains in a productive and harmonious way. Captain Kevin, for example, relies heavily on Nurse Joy and her Cousin Brian for last minute assistance and camaraderie.