How the Cost of A Voyage is Calculated?

Echo Yacht Delivery Worldwide is an agency of Yacht captains who have various skills and licenses and are located mostly around the coasts of the United States. Echo Yacht Delivery or EYD was founded ten years ago and its captains have delivered hundreds of boats so I know something about the business. At Echo we have historically been associated with sailboats but lately have been branching out to move power boats and our niche is mostly 40’ to 70’.

When you search for a delivery captain through the major search engines or come through a paid for click ad, you would usually end up on the quick estimate page of the site because that is the page that allows you to quickly fill out a form expressing your needs. It includes a description of the boat, where it wants to be delivered from and to, and basic contact info of the owner/broker. I have arranged for this to happen because that’s what people are looking for. They have a boat or are thinking of buying a boat and want to know how much it is going to cost to get it from where it is to where it is going.

So what I want to do here is to explain how that is figured.
Here on the East Coast, the captains will bill by the day. A captain will charge anywhere from about $300 to $500 per day. Depending on his/her license and the size of the boat and whether it is a power or sail boat.

If we are delivering a sailboat and traveling 24/7 there is the need for more than one person. But a powerboat can be more often single handed.

So let’s say we are pricing a trip in a sailboat from Charleston to the Virgin Islands.

A trip of about 1200 miles and the boat has a cruising speed of 6 kts. Going 24/7 and not wasting time it’s 148 kt.miles/day and it would take 8 days. And I have done it in 8 days coming from the Islands, but going down it “usually” isn’t a straight line because of the prevailing winds. It usually takes 3 or 4 days longer. If I bill myself out at $300/day and I have two crew members who I want to pay $100/day that’s $500/day

Plus I want to charge for provisions and that would be $20/day/person or $60/day.

So if the trip takes ten days that’s going to be $5600 for the 1200 miles. Plus there is always repatriation involved. (Getting back home)

Now let’s compare that to taking a powerboat down the ICW. Again I might charge a bit more, say $350/day plus provisions which would run higher because I am eating dockside at night, But, there is only one of me. So I might ask for $40/day for food.

Lets round all that off to $400/day. If everything goes smoothly and there are no weather delays I can get a power boat down to Miami from Newport in 12 days. That’s about 1200 miles, and will cost the owner $4800. I get paid more the owner pays less crew costs. Everybody’s happy. But don’t forget, the power boat delivery will incur fuel and dockage fees along the way. The sailboat owner will not.

So I hope that helps some owners figure out what’s involved in the cost of moving a vessel and how it is figured.

Happy Sailing and if I can be of further assistance please write to me at:
or just try the phone at 321-514-5046.